multi-colored remote controlled

long lasting brilliant shine

modern, luxurious, smooth

head turning modifaction

highlight your brand or vehicle


A sick, head-turning transformation that’s high impact and low investment. Using only the latest tech, these halo lights by Oracle can even be seen in broad daylight. What you drive is irrelevant since these light are made for every vehicle. If it’s not, just let us know and we can probably create a solution for you.

  • Low investment
  • Can be seen in direct sunlight
  • Existing solution for most vehicles
  • Install seamlessly into OE factory light to preserve styling
  • Hundreds of LEDs illuminate the ring opposed to one
  • Lifetime warranty


If you’re looking for solid state LED lighting effects then plasma is the way to go. Saints Motorsports can fit you with the latest advancements in plasma technology. The lights are much brighter the normal LEDs and have an extremely consistent light output that bursts out as one solid ring instead of individual LEDs.

  • Features chip-on-board (COB) design
  • Optimal thermal management
  • High packing density (no spaces)
  • Smooth, balanced, bright output
  • Brighter than previous LED Halos
  • 90,000 hour life expectancy


Saints Motorsports can install Oracle DRL strips to virtually any area of your vehicle. And due to the weather proof construction these lights can be installed inside your vehicle or out. Add a modern luxury look with an ultra smooth, continuous flow of light.

  • Available colors are white, blue, red and amber
  • “Switchback” color combos (White/Amber)
  • Connects to factory turn signals and parking lights
  • Weather proof and flexible
  • One year warranty (for moisture and condensation)

Wheel Lights

If you’re looking for a unique, eye-catching customization that has just enough flare then let the pros at Saints Motorsports install a set of wheel lights. These light are designed to fit around your brake rotors to illuminate the barrel of your rim with complete sophistication.

  • Comes in white, blue, red, amber, green, uv/purple, aqua, pink and rgb ColorSHIFT
  • Boldly lights up wheel wells
  • Fits around brake rotor
  • High heat tolerance
  • Universal fit
  • 1 year warranty

The “puddle light” redefined. Installed under the door, these LED projectors can help you see what you’re stepping into when you open your door. But the pros at Sints Motorsports can help you take it over the top by projecting your favorite logo that will surely draw the attention of onlookers.

  • A wide variety of applications (engine bays, footwells, etc.)
  • Powered by an intense 3W LED CREE bulb
  • No need for inverters or additional power sources
  • Increases safety while drawing attention
  • Universal fit for all vehicles
  • Custom logos available